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Discovery Call

First things first - we want to get to know you! This FREE Discovery Call is a chance for us to chat about your project, get to know a little about each other, and for us to hear what your ultimate desires are for your space(s). You will speak directly with Denise for about a 15 minute call. Please email to schedule your Discovery Call.

Cost: FREE!

Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation takes place in your home to walk the space(s) where you are desiring interior design renovation. This is a no-strings-attached appointment lasting up to one hour which allows you to get on-the-spot feedback about what Gilbert Design Group can do for you. Denise will arrive to assess the scope of the project, offer design suggestions, discuss the timeline for anticipated project completion, and review the goals and expectations you have for your home. Although this initial session does not include detailed design ideas (spacial planning, drawings, or layout design, etc... ) Denise will provide sufficient information for you to understand how we would move forward in meeting your design needs. 

We know that working with a designer is a personal affair, and we want you to get to know Denise's personality and see how her extensive design experience and business style will benefit your project.

Cost: $450

Luxury Design Plan

The Luxury Design Plan is the optimum approach when creating your dream home. Whether it's a full renovation, kitchen or bath remodel or a home in need of updates, this is where Gilbert Design Group will bring the most impact in luxury design and incredible results. 

This plan is right for you if ....

  • You want a trusted team of design professionals to guide you through the process from start to finish.
  • You have no idea of what to do or where to start.
  • You don't have the time or the desire to spend all your time designing, shopping, making big decisions and managing subcontractors.
  • You just want your project done and done beautifully!

Upon completion, your space(s) will be fresh, new, and blissfully distinctive to you. Drawing on your personality and ultimate vision for how you want to live in your home, Denise will design with purpose, manage with authority, and communicate with experience,  resulting in a home that exudes functionality and beautiful design detail.

This plan is billed on a hourly basis, so price may vary based on the scope of services determined after the initial consultation.